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Chanel flats sole protector

Chanel flats with Casali black mirror sole protectors

Pointed toe shoes suffer undue wear at the toe. It’s not the way you walk, it is a simple factor that the toe shape means it wears faster. The young lady wanted to retain the look of the piano black sole and not wear out the toe. After some deliberation, we advised her on us fitting the Casali black mirror sole protectors.

With the same properties of anti-slip resistance and good wear resistance, Casali black mirror sole protectors provide a great blend from the original sole to protective sole.

The Baxter & Black Process

  1. Firstly, we hand-cut the graft line with a knife.
  2. Additionally, we lightly scoured the area of the original leather sole where the black mirror sole was going to be attached.
  3. We put the first layer of glue on and put aside. 
  4. Carefully we applied A thin layer of the primer and set aside to air dry.
  5. We added a second layer of glue to the original leather sole and put aside to air dry.
  6. The black gloss sole then has the second layer of glue applied and ls let to air dry.
  7. With great precision, we folded the red mirror sole onto the leather sole. Then, we used hand pressure to ensure a complete old. Finally, we left them to cure.
  8. We carefully hand-trimmed and lightly sanded the edges.
  9. Additionally, we applied a layer to the edge of the leather sole to seal and burnish the edges to make water-resistant.
  10. Finally, to clean up the suede, we used Gommadin Medaille d’Or Suede Eraser to get rid of any marks. To finish off we used the Saphir Renovateur Suede & Nubuck Conditioning Spray to nourish and protect the suede. Saphir Renovateur is specifically designed to condition, protect and recolour suede, nubuck and textiles. In contrast, heavier cream conditioners can destroy suede, making your shoes or bag look ruffled and old.

Chanel sole protector before

Chanel sole protector



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