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Red Wing boot resole

RedWing with Nitrile Sole

As a registered Red Wing repairer, we can give you a ‘back to new’ service to your boots. Importantly, we retain the efforts of wearing-in that make the boot comfortable when we do a Red Wing boot resole.

Optioning for the classic Red Wing 8111 styling, we went straight for a Red Wing cork Nitrile sole. We paired it with the Red Wing logo heel block. We use spreadable cork when we recraft these boots to change as little as possible. Importantly we aim to maintain the worn-in comfort of the footbed. Using Red Wing welt thread, we change the look of the boot as little as possible. It should be noted, we don’t use polyester thread. We then give them a good going over with some top quality Saphir Crème 1925 Shoe Polish in Neutral bring them right back to life.

Our Process

  1. We got down to business, and took out the inside heel pad from inside the boots and inserted a last. We took off the heel block. Additionally, we took off the old cork Nitrile sole by cutting the welt stitches between the midsole and welt. With the heel block and cork Nitrile sole off we took out the old cork from under the footbed. We replaced it with new spreadable cork.
  2. We roughly sanded the cork Nitrile sole, plus cleaned the surface to be bonded with acetone. Additionally, we also roughly sanded the heel block base.
  3. With the spreadable cork dry, we applied two layers of glue to the area and let dry.
  4. With the acetone dry on the cork Nitrile sole, we applied two layers of glue. We also added a layer of glue to the heel block base.
  5. We wait for the glue to cure. Meanwhile, we reactivated the two layers with heat and then bonded the two surfaces together with hand pressure and set aside to cure.
  6. With the glue cured we trim the cork nitrile sole to the edge of the welt mark off where the new heel block base would sit at the base of the cork Nitrile sole. We rough grind the area where it will sit and nail in buttress nails to secure the heel base and heel area of the upper together.
  7. We then set the welt machine to the right stitch length and welt stitch the new sole to the upper.
  8. With that completed, we put glue on the cork nitrile sole where the heel block will sit and then place the heel block on top. Putting buttress nails into the guide holes in the heel block we drive the nails in and they hit the base of the last and secure the heel block to the boot. We then reglue the original heel pad or fit a new one. Finally, we used, Saphir Crème 1925 Shoe Polish to nourish the upper and Saphir Cordovan Crème Shoe Polish to nourish and seal the welt edge.
  9. We added new laces to the boot.
Red Wing boot resole
RedWing Nitrile sole



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